Category: National Parks

May 04

Zion National Park

In the northwestern section of Utah there is a region that offers terrain like no other. Zion National Park provides some of the most dramatic and variable scenery anywhere within the entire system. From creek-laded narrow canyons to golden sandstone cliffs high over the land, Zion is one of the Earth’s finest outdoor ‘sculpture gardens’. …

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Apr 26

Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is over 1.4 million acres. But even that impressive size can’t begin to convey what is most significant about this park in Montana. For that, other facts are needed. Many of them. For example, there is the fact that there are over 50 glaciers here. And the fact that it houses more …

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Nov 21

Badlands National Park

If you want to get a great idea of what South Dakota looked like millions of years ago, come visit Badlands National Park. Eons of wind and water have created deep canyons and high buttes where dinosaurs once roamed freely. Parts look like the dead surface of the moon. Others are so filled with life …

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